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Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps

Wicks & Wishe's handmade soaps use only the best quality ingredients and oils. Soap descriptions are listed in the Product Information section below.  We offer a natural sisal soap bag, which acts as an exfoliating bag and soap saver! The best part? You can hang it up when you’re done and the soap will last longer (keeping soap out of standing water will prolong the life of your soap). Sisal bags are only $3.00.

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are colored with natural ingredients which may alter soap colors slightly. Utilizing natural materials comes with some mild risks if you are allergic to certain ingredients contained in the colorants/additions. Example, the Aloe Vera leaf contains Aloin, which is a natural form of LATEX. People with Latex allergies or sensitivities should first, LET US KNOW and second, always do a patch test. We want to make sure any allergies are addressed prior to purchase, so please let us know if you have ANY allergies, especially true gluten and latex allergies. You can include this information in the "Help Us Help You" section.

  • Product Information

    Handmade Cold-Process Soap-excellent moisturizer with skin benefits including great absorption into skin and exfoliating properties utilizing alpha-hydroxy acids. It has a smooth and creamy texture with good foaming action.

    We also have goat's milk soaps in the same fragrances. If you’d prefer goat’s milk please make a note.

  • Return Policy

    No returns.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns related to your purchase so we can make it right!


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